Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saving on Sunday

I look forward to Sunday, not only because it is a blessed day, but because it "coupon day." When my husband usually goes to town to get the local paper, I have him also pick up the Dallas paper because it usually has all the coupon inserts in it. I also love Sunday because the sales ads are included in the local paper. I take out the sales ads and the coupon inserts and usually start placing coupons with sales to get a better deal. Today I went to CVS and picked up a few items that were on sale. My total before coupons and ECBs (Extra Care Bucks) was $25.47 with tax. After coupons and ECBs, I paid $7.28 and I received $7 in ECBs to use in another shopping trip later. WOOHOO!

My purchases:
2 - VO5 shampoos - .77 each (on sale)
1 - Puffs Kleenex - .87 (on sale)
1 - CVS Wet Mop pads - 2.99
1 - Schick Quattro - 7.99 (on sale, used a $3 CVS coupon, and received $3 ECBs) = 1.99
1 - Crest Pro Health - 2.99 (on sale, used a .50 coupon, and received $2 ECBs) = .49
1 - Purex 3in1 - 6.99 (on sale, received $2 ECBs) = 4.99

There is also a printable MIR for the Purex 3in1 if you do not like it.
Purex 3in1 MIR

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