Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Monday - Smile!

I am having a very relaxing morning. It is so quiet and peaceful in the house. DH is at work, DS#2 is at work, and DS#3 is at accelerated summer school. So, I am home alone. I love summer. Otherwise, I would be at work too.

Today our family is saving by:

  • hanging laundry to dry
  • washing what few dishes we have dirty by hand....not enough to run the dishwasher
  • signing up for Kraft First Taste where you can try new products from Kraft.
  • The four of us will be working the baseball fields tonight - umpiring, scorekeeping, and concession stand which pays us cash.
  • Swimming in our pool for free exercise and recreation

I hope you all have a frugal day as well! I would love to hear about your frugal day. Just post a comment.

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