Friday, July 10, 2009

Mailbag - 7/10/09

In today's mail, I received the following freebies or bargains -

Coupon for a FREE bottle of ALL small and mighty 3X concentrate (6.50 value)
Coupon for $5 off any size of Eukanuba Puppy Food
$1.50 off and a $4 off coupon for Grizzly tobacco
Full product (not a sample) of Outlast Lipstain to try
Lots of $1 off coupon on the Outlast Lipstain from Covergirl to use and give away
Women's Day magazine (FREE)

What did you get today?


  1. Hi You won the Chex Mix bar giveaway at
    send me your address to
    Thanks !

  2. Wow! You really scored! I love getting free stuff in the mail like that... awesome!