Monday, June 8, 2009

Simple Savings - Monday

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining and birds are playing in the birdbath. This type of day makes it easy for me to walk outdoors and hang out the laundry. I love the feel of crisp sheets when they are dried in the sunshine. Today we managed to save money by hanging out our laundry, freezing some leftovers for another meal, and patching our pool. A kind friend was going to throw the liner of her pool away because her dogs had destroyed it. I asked if she would please cut us a piece for a patch for our pool. Her husband was so nice and cut us a huge piece. I guess we can put the rest of it up just in case we have another incident where a patch is needed. I had to go purchase the glue, but it was better than purchasing a whole new pool. The glue was $2.99 and the pool was purchased last year for $599. I would hope that it would last several summers, not just one. I am crossing my fingers that the patch will hold because the boys would love to jump in and cool off. I am letting it dry today and will fill the spot with water tomorrow. If it holds, then we will start working on putting it back together. By the weekend, we should all be enjoying a frugal weekend floating in the pool.

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